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It’s been a minute (actually, like a year) since I’ve updated this site (whoops!).  So here’s an update on EVERYTHING!

The Past Year

finished out 2016 with a record 327 shows.  Personally, it was an incredible year for songwriting, for growing and for musically maturing (though I don’t think I’ll ever actually mature in real life, *fingers crossed*).  2016 was also a heavy year for traveling and playing, between the Key West Songwriters Festival, Island Hopper Songwriters Festival, Dripping Springs Songwriters Festival, 9 writing trips to Nashville, a duo tour, NYE off the grid in South SOUTH Texas, New England Trip, and countless visits to south and north Florida, I ended up putting about 18,000 extra miles on my car and getting reaaal cozy with Southwest Airlines instrument policies.  The year ended at a special gathering in Uvalde, TX performing with an all star band made up of 15 of Texas’ best up-and-coming and well established musicians under the direction of Dave Fenley (America’s Got Talent).  I’ll never forget it.

Looking Forward

This year is already great.  I’m releasing a new EP in February called, “Coming Home.” I wrote most of these songs with my no.1 Canadian Texan, Jody Stewart-Regner and the last track is actually the first Skype co-write I’ve ever participated in with Joanne Stacey and Lucy Leblanc. The track listing is:

Coming Home EP

  1. Coming Home (B. Sutherland)
  2. Sweetest Love (B. Sutherland/J. Stewart-Regner)
  3. Where Do You Go (B. Sutherland/J. Stewart-Regner)
  4. Sweetest Love (B. Sutherland/J. Stewart-Regner)
  5. Devil’s In The Details ((B. Sutherland/J. Stacey/ L. Leblanc)

I’ll make a big post when it’s out on iTunes and Spotify and all that jazz. In the meantime, just sit back and be excited like me… oh and you can stream track no.2 “Sweetest Love” on my Soundcloud page…

The biggest news so far for me is that my lovely wife and I are going to be relocating up to Nashville, TN.  It’s a move that comes at just the right time, as everything in life does.  We’re really excited to start this new chapter in a new city where the possibilities truly are endless musically (and I’m effing TERRIFIED of all of them.  Equal parts excited and scared to death lol).  We should be moving in Spring (so soon!) but in the mean time, there are plenty of times for me to see you before then.  Take a look at the gigs page, find a date you can come to and come! Thanks for being on this journey with me.  I’ll do my best to keep this more updated than once a year.

In the meantime, here’s some of my favorite good, bad and ugly moments of 2016.

Be Well, and Be Yourself.  Thanks for reading.